Preparing your Commercial Roof for Snow and Ice

Is your roof ready for winter? Because ready or not, here it comes. We put a lot of emphasis on protecting your home’s roof, but when was the last time you’ve thought about your business’s roof? A lot of the same rules that apply to your home’s roof also apply to a commercial roof. When is the last time you have had your commercial roof inspected? Finding and fixing any issues your roof might have can save you a lot of time and money once the snow and ice starts falling. A well maintained roof is less prone to leaks and damage from heavy snows. There is still time to ensure that any drains or gutters are cleared and to make sure your roof is in good shape for the winter.


Your risks increase as temperatures drop

The most common killers of roofs are simple problems left unchecked. If you ignore or fail to recognize existing problems of your roof, the freezing temperatures and ice will only make it worse. Checking the flashing, seams, membranes, and ridges is a good place to start. Once water gets into a crack and freezes it will only compound your issues come spring time when everything finally starts to thaw.


Check your roof coating

If your roof hasn’t been attended to in a while, check the membrane or protective coating. Tending to an old or cracked coating now can prolong your roofs life and protect it from a harsh winter. Not all roofs have a coating on them, but our roofing experts will be able to tell you if a new membrane or coating is right for you.


Have a plan

What is your plan just in case we do get a large snow? Wet snow can add as much as 60lbs per cubic foot of weight onto your roof. It is best to make sure you remove any large amounts of snow from your roof, we all remember when the Metrodome’s roof collapsed after a large snow storm. Don’t let that happen to your business.


To make sure your commercial roof is ready for this winter, call the experts at Blackstone for an inspection. We will work with your insurance company to help make sure that your roof is ready for anything mother nature throws at it.