Home Exteriors and Their Pros and Cons

Whether you are renovating your current home, or are looking to build your dream home, the type of exterior you choose for your home will determine the overall look and feel of the home, as well as providing your home with protection from the elements. Once you decide the overall look you want for your house, then it is time to take into account a list of other factors, such as cost, material durability, and installation. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but we are here to lay out the pros and cons of the different home exterior styles:


Brick Exterior

Brick exteriors are typically more durable and require less maintenance compared to other home exterior materials. Brick is also very versatile, and comes in many shapes and sizes.



Low maintenance

Lasts a long time



High price of material and installation

Labor intensive installation



A log exterior will give your home a rustic, cabin look. In the right setting, a log house looks amazing.



Can be long lasting if high quality wood is used

Classic look



High cost

Logs need regular treatment to prevent deterioration and insect infestation



Metal exteriors are gaining in popularity due to their versatility and durability. Metal can give your home a new, modern look.



Long lasting and durable

Fire resistance

Keeps home cool during summer



Does not retain heat in the winter

May need repainting every few years

Depending on metal type, may increase installation cost



Stone provides your home with a natural, durable exterior. Due to the high cost of stone and installation, some homeowners may choose a stone veneer to give the same look




Weather resistant

Gives the home a more natural look



High cost

Installation can be difficult and expensive



Stucco is a mix of cement, lime and sand. Stucco can be applied to wooden or brick surfaces to give a clean, uniform look.



Long lasting

Provides great insulation

Fire resistant



Doesn’t work well in humid climates

High initial cost


Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular exterior materials on the market today due to its easy installation, durability, and low cost.



Low maintenance

Comes in many styles and colors

Easy installation



Can look synthetic and too much like plastic for some people

Can be damaged by extreme weather


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