8 Ways to Stay Warm in a Cold Garage

Insulated Garage Door

The shop can be a person’s simple escape from the world. But when the winter comes, it becomes increasingly difficult to enjoy a DIY project or simply talking with a group of friends when it is 8 degrees outside.

Some of the best conversations you ever had were held in that garage, so you push through the freezing January temperatures. Even if you have an attached garage, running heat from your home to it is far too wasteful. If only there were a way to make it a bit warmer. Whether you are building a new TV stand, repairing your favorite classic car or simply having some laughs with friends and family, we compiled a list of ways to warm that old man’s version of a treehouse during the frigid winter months.

Determine What the Garage Needs Most

No heater is efficient if the garage is not adequately sealed. Replace damaged and missing weather stripping in drafty areas before making any big decisions. This can go a long way in keeping your garage warm. Afterward, you will be able to assess what you need next to upgrade the garage’s heating.

Insulate the Garage

Insulating the garage is pricey, but you will enjoy the benefits for years to come. Plus, it will cool down the garage in the hot summer months.

Do not stop with the walls, insulate the garage door too! Kits can be purchased to assist you in the insulation process.

Forced Air Heater

Forced air heaters can be installed into your home’s gas line, but home improvement is needed first. Unfortunately, the forced air makes it difficult to complete certain projects (such as staining or painting) as forced air heaters blow tremendous amounts of air through your garage.

Ductless Heating and cooling

Ductless heating and cooling dehumidify and filters the otherwise dirtier air in the garage. This system usually consists of an indoor unit combined with an outside compressor. Ductless heating is quite energy efficient, as many units that use ducts lose heating through the ductwork. 

Wood Stove

Fire is simple, but it is arguably the greatest discovery in the history of mankind. While you (hopefully) do not use it to fight off predators like our caveman ancestors, it is still a great way to heat your garage in the winter. Once it’s installed correctly, a wood stove is economically friendly and is incredibly warm. Make sure to check with your homeowners’ insurance before installation to ensure a wood stove will not void the policy.

Propane heaters

Strong but mighty, propane heaters can warm up a room in minutes. Even better, propane heaters will not eat up your electric bill, but you will have to pay for propane costs. Fortunately, propane heaters are relatively inexpensive, ranging from $50 to $150 based on their size.

Propane heaters are best used in smaller garages and sheds as well as for heating specific areas. This can be very beneficial if guests only congregate to a specific area of the garage. Keep in mind that guests will still have to bundle up when spot heating, as the overall room temperature of the garage will remain cold, just not unbearable.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters use electromagnetic radiation to warm your garage. They run on electricity, so expect to have an increased electric bill, but the heating is safe and cost-efficient. In addition, infrared heating has little air movement, little noise, better heat distribution and quicker heat recovery after a door is opened.

Bundle Up

Sometimes the best option is to just bundle up. All you need is a space heater, wood stove and warm clothes. Plus, you will not even think about the cold when laughing with good company or focused in on your latest project.