6 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During a Vacation



Every so often, we get the luxury of escaping the stress of day-to-day life by taking a vacation. A getaway is supposed to be relaxing, so the last thing you want is to find yourself worrying about the safety of your home and belongings while you should be sipping cocktails on the beach. Fortunately, there are several things (other than merely locking the doors) that you can do before you hit the road to secure your home and give yourself peace of mind while you’re away. Check out these tips for protecting your home while it’s unattended so you can enjoy that well-deserved vacay!


  1. Hold your mail. Nothing screams “We’re not home!” like a pile of mail on your front doorstep or a mailbox that looks like it’s about to burst with envelopes. If you’re going to be gone for more than a few days, call your local post office and have them put a hold on your mail delivery until you get back (it’s a free service provided by the US Postal Service). Do the same with your daily newspaper if you have it delivered every morning.
  2. Make it look like you never left. The best way to ward off intruders is to create the illusion that someone is home. Invest in timers for your lights and television to create the typical signs of a regular night at home. Leave a car in the driveway (lock it of course) and, depending on the season, arrange for lawn care or snow removal to be performed while you’re gone
  3. Keep it hush hush. It’s best to only inform those that you fully trust that you’ll be leaving. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and make a Facebook status detailing your departure and return, but privacy settings are not always absolute. The last thing you want is for a potential intruder to receive word that you’re not home.
  4. Let everyone know you’re protected (even if you’re not). Display alarm system signs around your home to let everyone know you have security measures in place. Even if you don’t have a home security system, installing fake cameras or hanging a “Beware of Dog” sign may be enough to keep unwanted visitors away.
  5. Pull the plug. It’s a good idea to unplug all unnecessary electronics (except your timers, of course) before leaving for vacation. This will prevent electrical fires, power surges, and also save you money on your electricity bill. Unplug everything from your TV to your coffee maker.
  6. Get a house sitter. If you don’t think the above suggestions will keep away your paranoia, have a friend or someone you trust look after your home. This way you’ll be able to have verification that everything is okay, and if it’s not, you’ll be informed right away.


You don’t have to put your home at risk or spend your vacation worrying− implementing one or more of these tips will greatly reduce the probability of home invasion or damage while you’re away. At Blackstone, we value safety above everything else. For more information about protecting your home or our exterior services, contact us here.